Website Update: Sale/Trade Listings, Better Search and More

I’ve been keeping pretty busy this winter with various projects, but one I really wanted to get done was gear listings on I’m happy to say that I finally got the time to sit down and get them done…

Used Gear Listings –

Registered users are now able to create 1 item listings. You’re able to select whether you’re looking to BUY or SELL the item in the listing, and in both cases you’re able to select that you’re also open to the idea for trades. You can add photos to listings easily, as well as set a price.

My goal for this system is to be very simple, just a place for buyers/sellers to find each other and open a line of communication. There’s no payment system in place, no feedback or anything of that nature. You’re on your own. Use the same precautions you would while using any other quasi-anonymous classifieds (ahem, craigslist).

Updated Search Technology

Mostly a nerdy update, but should also help the general users who are searching for gear. The search is now filtered to only threads from within the last 6 months (to view all historical threads you may use the  brand/keyword detail pages) as well as utilizes a more modern and robust search technology…meaning, faster, more accurate results.

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